Who is he?

Hopefully my posts will give you insight about me, this will just be a brief introduction.

I’m a Netflix junkie. Some of my favorite movie experiences have been with bad movies and providing them with real-time commentary. Michelle, my fiance, is also a fan of talking over movies to create a complete movie experience. An experience that is often greater than the movie on its own.

Perhaps even more than movies I could spend all my time playing games. These games would be of the role-playing or storytelling variety. I run a Hunter game, play in two different D&D groups, and still don’t play enough. Actually, with college, I hardly play at all anymore. 😦 So when a game night does roll around we usually get down on a variety of board-games.

I enjoy surfing Twitter and Facebook for interesting articles, events, and some sweet local deals. Man, the onslaught of Deal-sites is the best thing to happen to the internet ever!

I’ve struggled, well maybe struggled isn’t the best way to qualify it, I’ve been a heavy dude for most of my life. At my heaviest I was pushing 330 lbs and had thrown in the towel on my weight issue. Then one day something clicked and I said I have to get this under control. Since then I’ve been fighting to get down to a healthy weight. That desire, and the urging of a friend, led me to become an active member of OGER CrossFit, an awesome CrossFit box. I’ve managed to get in the best shape of my life and am on track to keep improving.


He's super bad!